Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Beware The Scammers

Those of you that participate in Children's Beauty Pageants are not only exposing your child to things that are unhealthy for them, you're making yourself a target for scammers. Jezebel.com had this to say about the sleazy side of adult pageants  in the article Big Breaks for Blowjobs: The Dark Underbelly of the Miss USA Pageant

Now I know that most of this doesn't apply to the childrens pageant systems but this sure doesn..

Be Productions lured kids (and their parents) by telling them they had star potential – but, of course, the young would-be stars needed to pay thousands of dollars up front for headshots and acting classes if they wanted to be cast on Disney shows like Hannah Montana and Zoey 101.

Be Production's Talent Director was Domingo Rodriguez, then known as Domingo CasaƱas. The seamy trio — Rodriguez, Lewis, and DeSando –- had solidified their business relationship.

In 2009, an ABC News investigation led to a widely publicized federal class action lawsuit that accused Be Productions of swindling over $20 million from more than 6,000 families by attempting to sidestep a state consumer protection law specifically meant to keep dubious advance fee talent agencies in check, publishing false and misleading information about its prices and services and referring clients to classes and photo shoots in exchange for paid compensation. The lawsuit, which is still pending, claimed that the contracts signed by thousands of families "violate the law and cannot be enforced."

If someone says your child has 'star potential' and you need to invest in that it would behoove you to actually investigate that person or agency before plunking down dollar one. If your child is employable in the entertainment world (and that's a big IF if only because of the vast number of people trying to make their kids a star) it's unlikely you're going to have to cough up more money in the thousands range.

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