Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Real Hidden Costs of Children's Beauty Pageants - The Impact on Families

There she is, Lil’ Miss Mini Grande Burrito Super Supremooooooooo!

Is a tin crown set with rhinestones mingled with bragging rights really worth imploding your family?

Let’s look at some of the effects living the children’s beauty pageant lifestyle can have in furthering the deconstruction of the American family. Making this ‘hobby’ the center of your family life is about as constructive as deciding to lob a bomb into your living room filled with family members.

The pageant lifestyle impacts families on more than just an economic level, it impacts the complex relationship bonds between the members of the family, it interferes with the social aspects of family, it teaches the wrong life lessons to impressionable children - lessons they will carry forward internally for the rest of their lives, creates the potential exposure of the falsely sexualized child to an eager plethora of pedophiles and in its more extreme forms it can set up a child for a lifetime of psychological problems such as eating disorders.

1. Beauty pageants focus the attention of the mother onto one or two of the children in the family causing the other children to be ignored in favor of the one ‘golden’ child.

2. Dad suffers because he is frequently ignored and shunted aside, his emotional needs ignored and pressed into service as a weekend babysitter against his will.

3. Finances are thrown into havoc while Mom spends money the family doesn’t have on fake spray on tans and fancy pageant dresses. Some families plunge into debt they cannot ever hope to pay off while others use money that should have been spent on college education funds for the kids or even basics on the pageant fripperies.

4. Education of the children suffers as they are pushed into relentless hours of rehearsal when they should be doing homework. Pulling the children out of school for pageants just puts the kids even father behind the educational curve, ensuring their later failure in life.

5. The physical well being of the child suffers. If they are being rehearsed for pageants for hours per day the child has not enough time for proper rest, exercise or just to simply play and be a kid.

6. Socialization skills suffer when a child spends so much time in an atmosphere of reeking of puffed up ego, falsely overstated abilities and devoid of the personal boundaries everyone must develop to keep emotionally healthy.

There are many other reasons but I think that these are the more serious of the bunch. If you think something needs to be added to the list please email me and I’ll add it.

Is there anything really worth harming your family over? If you have an ounce of love and compassion for those you share a life with the answer would hopefully be no. This world needs families, strong families, to carry on living and making this world a better place. Every thing you do that harms your family impacts the greater good of our society. We all really are our brothers (or sisters) keeper.

For the good of our planet please think about the choices you’re making for your child. Do you want to turn out the next Lindsay Lohan or the next Mother Theresa?

"Mirror I am seeing a new reflection
I'm looking into the eyes of He who made me
And to Him I am beauty beyond compare
I know, He defines me. Yeah yeah " - 'Mirror' by Barlow Girl

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