Wednesday, January 2, 2013

So who am I and why do I care what you do with your kids?

I’m nobody. I’m a mom, like you, nothing special but neither am I claiming to be.

But I do deeply care about the future of our world, about kids, about the next generation that will be running this world once we’re retired.

I believe that the pageant industry is one of exploitation and that it adds to the growing problem in our society of child pornography as well as its role in destroying healthy families and teaching children the wrong messages about life.

Several years ago I’d been happily ignorant to the world of children’s beauty pageants. My only exposure had been the letters that arrived occasionally that stated my youngest daughter’s picture had been submitted for the state pageant and inviting us to participate. I would laugh, toss the letter and shake my head at the utter foolishness of it all. I put pageants on the same league with allowing small children to cheerleader, completely without merit and rife with the wrong life messages. But I wrongly assumed it was uneducated lower class women with names like “Lurleen” and “Velvetta” encouraging their offspring to be in pageants. It wasn’t something to aspire to. Documentaries such as HBO’s excellent “Living Dolls” didn’t disabuse me of my notions that this was strictly white trash territory.

But something happened. A message board I regularly participated in that had nothing to do with pageants or anything child-related started discussions about pageants and the pageant mothers piled in. Never in my many years online have I seen such nastiness and threats as when they were asked to explain their hobby. We were personally attacked, threatened with legal action and then they started fighting among themselves. I was horrified and fascinated at the same time. A board friend slipped me the message board addresses of the places they hang out and I plunged myself into a world I never dreamed existed, where people gladly spent thousands of dollars to dress their kids like piñatas on LSD and accused each other regularly of heinous crimes (beyond the hideous crimes against fashion they’d all committed). The more I read, the more horrified I was with the hobby, realizing it was far worse for families and children than I’d ever imagined. One poor family lost a child on vacation and many in the pageant world blamed them for the tragic accident. Never have I seen such rampant vicious jealousy among supposed adults.

Time passed and I still read those sites even if I could never post because I knew my viewpoint would be most unwelcome.

Don’t misunderstand me, I am not opposed to the pageants that teens and young women enter. Those are based on something more than looks and the participants are actually old enough to make a considered decision as well as mature enough to handle the pressures. It’s the younger children that concern me. No one younger than mid teens has any business appearing in a beauty pageant.

What I hope this site will do is educate and inform. If I manage to make one person, just one pageant mom think about the damage this hobby is potentially doing to her family and her child I will be satisfied. Please think about it. I know you love your child and want what’s best for her. Please don’t look at this site as something set up to bash your hobby, more as someone concerned for your precious child’s well being.

"Your name is beautiful, it drips off my lips like drops of gold" - "Beautiful" by Audio Adrenaline

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